What is Twitter?

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Twitter is kind of a cross between an instant message and a short blog post. People like to send short and sweet messages to each other. The way things are today, people like to do things quickly, and that's where Twitter comes into play. It's the perfect system for you to send out a quick, fast, easy text message and that is is basically what Twitter is.

Have you ever sent someone an e-mail and you got a response back saying; I'm unavailable right now, but leave your name and I'll get right back to you? That's pretty similar to how Twitter works. The only difference in Twitter is when you post a tweet; everyone can see what you're doing, as long as they're signed up as your follower.

You can send out an instant message or Tweet, and they're very short messages under 140 characters long, and it allows people to see, in a very short and sweet manner, what you're up to. If you have a MySpace account or a Facebook account, it's very similar to those. You can post only up to 140 characters.

You can think of Twitter this way, remember back when you were in high school or even in grade school and you passed a note from one friend to another talking about the teacher or who that cute girl was in the back of the room? That's very much like what Twitter posts are like. You don't have to write a big, long story. It's just a quick note that you dash off to your friends, your business partners, and customers that are all on Twitter.

You can make a Twitter post from your cell phone, you can do it from your computer, you can do it from your iPod. It's incredible the amount of places that you can send a Tweet to your Twitter account. One of the reasons that Twitter has taken off so much is that because it's so easy that people can just go on, make a quick 140 character post or Tweet, then they're done and you move on to the next.

People can also view your profile on Twitter. In your profile you can have links to your web site and you can add links to your blog. You can describe what you're passionate about so people can learn all about you, and that's what it's about. It's about creating a small little community of followers that are following you. I mean, for the most part, it's that simple. You also want to be friendly and when you post your tweets, you want them to be very content rich.

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What is Twitter?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31