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Read this article with the humour in which it is intended.

Twitter twitter all the day,

Update Facebook if I may,

Digg and Reddit on the go,

Man, my life is really slow.

Once upon a time, I headed out of the house and WALKED to my friend's house to see if she could come OUTSIDE to play. Ah, the good life. Fresh air and conversation. Stimuli for the brain.

Now I view a different type of generation, the electronic generation. Have you noticed them? They can't hold a conversation without an electronic device in their hands. Heck, they can't hold a conversation. The world has turned into text... real-time text....real-time abbreviated text that I just have no desire to learn.

They can surf the internet all day long. As much as I love computers (and I am up on the technology despite my age), I just don't see what you could possibly look at all day! Ok, so I was amused when I reached a page called "the last page on the internet" but that took all of 3 seconds to look at. Other than reading the news for maybe 30 minutes, I just have no interest whatsoever.

So, for the younger generation, trust me, there is a life beyond twitter and Facebook. In fact, you'll figure it out when you grow up and get a job pounding a computer all day in a tiny cubicle. The last thing you will want to do is look at the computer after work. By the time you get home, and start logging into Twitter, Facebook and all the rest, you'll find your entire evening has passed you by. You now have to go to bed and start all over again. Ah, the joy.

So, before your joints ache like us old people, and your memory starts to fade, get the heck off Twitter before your life passes you by!

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This article was published on 2010/04/03