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If you are keen to know what is happening around in the world, you ought to look into the Twitter website and everything will be on your desktop. There is nothing that Twitter does not witness ranging from sports to politics. People look for this place to be the best source of interesting as well as updated news every minute.

Twitter has always focused on giving you a lot in all the minor space it has. It is just that you get to have a summary of what is happening in no more than 140 characters. Get to know concise updates and save your time reading all the huge news articles. You can always go for the details if you wish. Twitter has perhaps understood that you cannot summarize the whole of your life in just 140 characters now.

The Twitter interface has been revitalized lately to give you an experience that is paced up, manageable and rich in content.

The timeline on the Twitter site is evident of all the changes that came in the quality and presentation of the services. The main Tweet will be short and comprehensive but the content associated might have been breaking news or something. There have been a number of enhancements that are summarized below:

1. Design enhancements: Twitter has now got a clean and easily manageable timeline that has got panels giving you rich details about every subject. The timeline is still simple yet you need not to click more every time you are interested to go beyond the scope of your desktop screen: just scroll down and you will have everything in place.

2. Media Integrations: Photo and video embedding was never as easy as this. Twitter has now set partnerships with some of the excellent services around the world in order to make the embedding job easier for you. Some of the most popular ones include Flickr and YouTube. There are a lot more as well.

3. Information Tree: Every Tweet has turned into a tree full of information. Once you click a Tweet, a detail pane opens up and you get to have information about the subject Tweeted or the author. This will let you know the location in case the Tweet was geotagged and other replies related to the subject.

4. Mini Profiles: once you are going to click on any username, it will let you know a brief profile about the user along with the bio and recent Tweets that have been made.

You might witness these changes over the next few days in the preview section as Twitter is placing the new interface in practice gradually starting from tonight. You can move to and forth the new and the old interface in the preview time so as to get to know each bit of how things work here. The whole shift will take a couple of days but everyone is going to get the new version of The new changes are overwhelming for all twitter users irrespective of the content and services they are representing and marketing.

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Twitter Set For New Twitter

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This article was published on 2010/10/11