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There are many reasons why you should Think About Twitter. If you are an internet marketer then Twitter gives you an audience to get your products out there immediately - no fuss! You don't have to spend hours formatting blogs and press releases - you can get your message out there in 140 characters. Twitter is often described as mini blogs or text messages online.

Another reason that you should Think About Twitter is to get Twitter up and running takes minutes. When you are up and running you need to go out there and start building relationships - start getting followers.

If you are wanting to connect with people just for fun, build friendships or maybe all your friends are on there saying 'come on, join in', let me help you Think About Twitter. If you are concerned about new people getting to see all your posts, then when signing up just click the box that reads 'protect my updates'. This will mean people wanting to follow you wont be able to read your updates unless you allow them to. You can even Tweet on the go, from your mobile. Its easy.

If you are wondering who to follow on Twitter, have a look who your friends or clients are following and pick out of their followers who you might want to join your party. If they are interested in following you back - Bam, there you go another Twitter buddy or potential buyer to go tweeting to.

Now a common problem in Twitter for internet marketers is that you can have many followers but maybe them followers are not actually interested in the product you are marketing. This is a waste of your time, kinda like spouting hot air. There are tools out there now that can help with this.

Twitter's easy, fun and is taking over the world. I hope I have given you a few more reasons to Think About Twitter.

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Think About Twitter

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This article was published on 2010/04/01