Revolutionise Your Online Community Postings! With This Great Tool!

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The fact is you can! No more hanging around for internet pages to load, recalling and hunting for usernames and passwords and repeating the process at the next web page and also succeeding sites and page. Enter Ping.Fm! It is a very simple web tool that provides you with a virtual sorting office. You create your account, add the social networking sites you are a member of and then post your messages. These are then published to the networks in your account, right away! Oh and there is no charge for this either! There is a whole range of networks supported, including Facebook, My Space, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few. On my last visit there were twenty, but these are frequently added to there may be more.

Now onto that e-mail claim. This option will let you grab back the time you'd ordinarily spend publishing on to various portals. When you generate an account with you're offered a special email address. Make use of this to submit straight from your email client such as Outlook Express and then inspect your online community internet pages. You will notice they have all been updated. Photographs and video are also catered for. Flickr is among the networks you can add to a account. As for videos, setup an account using Seesmic so you can record videos directly from your PC. If that wasn't sufficient, you can even include your own internet site or web page. provides a tiny chunk of code and plenty of help on how to use it.

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Revolutionise Your Online Community Postings! With This Great Tool!

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This article was published on 2011/04/02