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Business owners quickly realize the advantages of Twitter. However, it doesn't take long before the business owner notices that their followers, as well as whom they follow, are a combination of personal and professional contacts. This can have several advantages and disadvantages. Those who are using Twitter to promote their businesses should carefully consider whether it would be best to have both a personal and professional account.

When you use Twitter, it becomes clear to those who follow you what your personal tastes and preferences are. Celebrities that you follow, politicians, musicians, and personal friends and family members reveal a great deal about your personal side, when your business or professional contacts can view your personal preferences it can effect how you are perceived as a business.

You might have heard it said that there are two things that should never be discussed, religion and politics. For those who are establishing themselves as experts in their field, it might serve more damage than good for customers, and potential customers to know your personal religious preferences and political views. If you have very strong political or religious views, you might feel that it is best to have separate or multiple Twitter accounts.

Twitter has no rules or regulations regarding establishing multiple accounts. If you feel that your business would benefit from having one Twitter account reserved only for professional contacts, then by all means do so. Though you won't be able to limit those who choose to follow you, and it could be that some of your personal friends and family contacts choose to become your followers, you can control what you post. Choosing to post only business related tweets on your professional account and only private tweets on your personal account can be the best way to keep both aspects of your life separate.

If you have a large company or several employees you might find that using Twitter is a great way to communicate with your staff throughout the day. If you are using Twitter primarily for communicating with your staff then having a separate personal and professional Twitter account is vital. The ability to communicate with staff in real time makes it simple and easy to stay in touch with staff members any time day or night.

On the flip side, you might find that having two separate accounts becomes time consuming. If you don't think there will be a problem keeping your business and personal accounts meshed, then by all means, just use one Twitter account. For some people, the idea of signing in to Twitter under one account, then logging out and signing in again, under another account seems more trouble than it's worth. If you feel that one account is all you need then just use one account.

Whether you have one or multiple Twitter accounts, you are sure to realize the value of using Twitter. Twitter enables you to easily update your profile and share vital and important information with your followers. With all of the benefits provided by Twitter, having multiple accounts might be the best way to keep your professional and personal lives separate.

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Multiple Twitter Accounts

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This article was published on 2010/05/15