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Twitter has become a major social platform which has witnessed users from different walks of life whether they are actors, doctors, advertising giants, PR people, entrepreneurs, politicians, entertainers or sport persons. Twitter has made it easy for common people to reach their idols, icons and follow them throughout the year through their tweets. Basically, twitter is a micro-blogging site, but with more than millions of users and followers, it has come up as a new and effective marketing tool. For people planning to build their social platform to increase their brand value and promote their products, taking help of twitter would be a good move.
To use twitter as a promotion and marketing device, you need to register your company on it. Registering and operating on twitter is extremely easy. For endorsement of your brand, you just have to write a few catchy promotional lines for the services you provide and then post it on your twitter space.  You can also operate twitter from your phone.  Here are five steps to promote your brand using twitter.
Register your Brand— Ensure that while making a twitter account of your company or brand, you fill all the required fields properly. Type all the information about your brand legibly and then post. Remember to give your company’s website link, its Facebook id and LinkedIn address.  For better presentation of your company/brand, customize you’re account’s settings and choose the background and interface that suit your company/brand’s website.
Building your Follower Base— Invite friends from your personal twitter account to subscribe your company’s page. Post your brand’s twitter address on the other social sites you use. Provide a follow me box on your company/brand’s official website and link that box to your twitter account or other social platforms. Post your business card on your twitter account and your followers’ accounts. Search for a twitter account of your existing clients and potential customers. You can follow them on twitter and subscribe them on Facebook.
Know its proper usage— remember that twitter is a social networking site that allows you to have your own personal social space. You can tweet your new products and achievements of your company, but going overboard with them would be considered as spamming. To prevent this, hire an online marketer for initial months of brand promotion.
Share what is relevant for your followers— Keep your tweets completely related to your brand’s products and services your company offers. Share things that would catch your followers’ attention and encourage them to read more about your brand/company. The content should hold the readers’ interest while assisting in profit making. Avoid using informal language and try to keep your tweets sound professional and experienced.
What others are doing— checking out and analyze the twitter marketing strategies of your competitors in the market. But, do not try to imitate their techniques. Copying others would decrease your brand value and your followers may deviate from your page within a few seconds. Bring your own new tactics to generate interest in your followers.
A 140-character long tweet can prove a milestone in your product’s online marketing so learning how twitter is helpful in building and developing your brand is important, especially for small-scale and newly developed businesses.

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How to promote your brand using twitter

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How to promote your brand using twitter

This article was published on 2013/02/25